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Check Out These 8 Instagram Ads For Inspiration For Your Upcoming Campaign

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the best instagram ads to inspire your next campaign

Check Out These 8 Instagram Ads For Inspiration For Your Upcoming Campaign


Instagram, everyone’s favourite photo and video platform, has more than 1 million active advertisers and that’s up from 200,000, only a year ago. Those stats are nothing if not impressive.

With 8 million (and counting) businesses all over the globe advertising with Instagram, it’s clear that these numbers are continually on the rise. Let’s recognise Instagram’s ever increasing business and advertiser base, with eight of our favourite Instagram ads, and what makes them awesome.


1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a no brainer as one of the first businesses Instagram chose to partner with on Instagram Stories ads. Way ahead of its time, AirBnb is a leader in digital marketing and they continue to bring us more of what we love. Most recently, they’re promoting the new “experiences” feature.

Why it’s Awesome

The short clips featured in these new ads form a collage with the different experiences users have access to. Through great music and an enlightening tone, these videos “speak” the story, without telling us anything.

2. MeUndies

This underwear company is everywhere you look, and especially on Instagram. This companies claim to fame is that they make “”the world’s most comfortable underwear.”

Why it’s Awesome

Browse through this specific ad and view 5 different products. This feature allows users to see more products without having to leave Instagram. And what’s more? This ad was featured as a holiday promotion and showed how easily giftable this product really is.

3. Dove

Dove has always had great marketing and keeps the beauty industry asking the right questions. This ad does a good job of promoting their new product with a fun, screen-filling shower foam.

Why It’s Awesome

This video keeps the ad short enough to keep your attention but with just the right amount of pizazz. Product-centric ads can annoy users on platforms like Instagram, but this visual and caption pull together an awesome ad campaign.

4. Perrier

During the dead of summer, Perrier ran several ads that were focused most on the refreshing drink we all know and love. The short video showed a glass being poured into with a rainbow of colors.

Why It’s Awesome

When you’re hot, all you want is to be refreshed. Using the heat as an added topical element leads you to believe that you need this drink for said refreshment. Perrier uses this captivating ad to catch the viewer’s eye, and to hold it.

5. Dawn

If the first ad you picture for Dawn Soap is of the marine animals being plucked out of oil-filled areas and cleaned with this magical liquid, you’re not alone. Dawn has ran this ad for years, just to cement that image into your brain. And now? Dawn has taken that concept to Instagram with a short ad and the cutest of duckies.

Why It’s Awesome

Dawn gives you all the feels of the old TV ad with this new Instagram ad. They remind you they’re always giving back, and remind consumers to support brands that they believe in, with the cutest of duckies as a decoy.

6. Cobble Hill Soap

This company has greats ads, with a solid look and a modern finish. The etsy-based company has Instagram ads that are as good-looking and clean cut as its products.

Why It’s Awesome

This ad uses a minimalist look that captures both the simplicity of packaging and of ingredients. The label has a uncluttered, straight to the point design and the pile of coffee beans suggests the use of natural ingredients within the products.

7. Apple

With a short Instagram video ad, Apple displays the new bands for its Apple Watch. Of course we love the video, Apple is full of stuff we love!

Why it’s Awesome

This video portrays the new bands and watches, surrounded and suspended in water.

You may be wondering if Apple is telling you something, with this whole underwater theme. It turns out, they are. The company confirms the watches are submersible, up to 50 meters.

8. The New Yorker

Even with its history and client base, magazines like the New Yorker continue to invest in new subscribers through ads.

Why it’s Awesome

Of course the New Yorker would have a more complex ad than is typical on Instagram. However, with pointed communication and phrases like (“subscribe and get”) they make it work. This ad does an awesome job of showcasing what the customer will receive, and of course, it’s done in true New Yorker fashion.


Bottom line, everyone can make a great Instagram ad. Search for inspiration to find your perfect look and you, too, will have a Instagram worthy ad users will love.



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Check Out These 8 Instagram Ads For Inspiration For Your Upcoming Campaign
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