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Customers are Finding Brands Online, But in a New Way

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January 5, 2018

consumers are discovering brands online but a but different, social media.

Customers are Finding Brands Online, But in a New Way

If you search for something online, it’s usually because you want it, you want to know more about it and you just have to have it. If you search for “organic bee pollen,” it’s probably because you’ve heard of its benefits and you want to try it out for yourself. Similarly, if you search for “epsom salt,” it my be because you love taking baths and you heard it was great to add epsom salt to your bath water.

We, as digital marketers, have gotten used to thinking that searching is the best way to look for and discover new brands. But as much as this is true, it isn’t the only way to search. Social channels are becoming a place to find new and great products and brands.

The other thing we thought about social media was that its main function was to brand and encourage loyalty through engaging with our customers. But the truth is, social media is a way to both engage with our customers and lead them to our brands.

In fact, almost 30% of customers said that they discovered a new product and purchased via social media in 2016.

Here are some of the ways that social media is being used for discovering new brands:

1. Instagram

If you’re an influencer, or you want to find influencers, Instagram is your go-to. Instagram is famous for its great images, personal feel, and the way you showcase your products and lifestyle. All of this makes it feel very real-life and authentic. Instagram is the place where influencers and brands met to form a great union.

Part of why influencer marketing is so great is because it allows brands to be seen by people who wouldn’t know about them or hear about them otherwise. People follow influencers for their lifestyles and their opinions. Let it be said that influencer marketing will help new people discover your brand and that Instagram is one of the best places to do this type of marketing.

When an in-app shopping option came out on Instagram for certain items like jewelry, apparel, and beauty brands, it was easy to see that discoverability increased on Instagram. This program allows users to find and learn more about products, and go to the link to purchase if they want. This is definitely a win-win for both customer and brand.

2. Pinterest

Since the beginning, Pinterest has been the top of the top for social discovery platforms. Pinterest allows you to discover ideas and save them in an image format and the people love it. So, the more you get your stuff onto great medias that allow for discovery, the more customers can find you.

Did you know that finding and purchasing products was the second most common reason most people said they engaged within Pinterest? 55% of responders said that they used Pinterest for finding and buying things. We can all agree those are some good stats.

Pinterest introduced buyable pins, making finding and purchasing work hand in hand. Michael Yamartino of Pinterest said this of the new feature, “One of the most exciting things we hear from marketers is that they’re seeing a lot of new customers come in through Buyable Pins. They’re not just reaching out to their existing base—they’re able to expand their audience through Pinterest.” Pinterest, and Buyable Pins in particular, are a very powerful way to promote discovery and it seems that previously brands were ignoring or forgetting about one or the other.

3. Facebook

Everyone thinks of Facebook as the top dog of social platforms and in truth, it is. Facebook has a reach unmatched by other platforms with their huge audience and the amount of searches people do daily. Facebook reported record number of searches and as of July 2016, more than 2 billion people were searching for things via Facebook, everyday.

Facebook introduced Facebook Live, a live streaming feature, in 2016. This video addition to the site shows a huge investment in video and live video, specifically. It also shows investing in the now generation, people who love all things video, to keep them coming back to use the platform, again and again.

So how are people searching and is media going to be the only search of the future? No, we aren’t saying that. Paid and organic searches both work great and are important ways to find the things people want. However, if you aren’t using the medias for all they’re worth, you’re missing out on huge potential customers and brand growth.

So, get out there! We’ll see you on the medias!

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Customers are Finding Brands Online, But in a New Way
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