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March 12, 2022


Trefor Jones & Sons

Web Development

The Project

Trefor Jones & Sons Plant Hire

The primary objective was to transform the website into a modern, user-friendly, and highly functional digital platform that aligns with the company's commitment to quality and professionalism. Specific enhancements included a visual overhaul to modernize the design, optimization for mobile devices, streamlining customer inquiries via updated contact forms, and improving overall SEO through various technical enhancements.


The newly redesigned website not only meets contemporary standards in design and functionality but also enhances Trefor Jones & Sons' online presence through improved SEO, user engagement, and streamlined customer communication.

Execution Details

1Website Redesign to Modern Aesthetics
Objective: Update the website's visual layout and functionality to a more contemporary look that appeals to today’s user expectations.
Actions Taken:
  • Implemented a sleek, clean design with a neutral color palette to promote a sense of professionalism.
  • Used responsive design principles ensuring the layout is effective and visually appealing on various devices.
  • Enhanced navigation menus to make information easily accessible with minimal user interaction.
    2Contact Forms to Stream 📬

    Objective: Facilitate smoother customer interactions and inquiries through dedicated contact forms.

    Actions Taken:

    • Developed multiple custom forms tailored for different service inquiries (e.g., Plant Hire, Demolition Services).
    • Included essential fields to gather relevant information while ensuring quick user completion to increase conversion rates.

    3Mobile Friendly Adaptation 📱

    Objective: Ensure the website provides an optimal browsing experience on mobile devices.

    Actions Taken:

    • Tested and refined responsive design elements across a variety of screen sizes.
    • Adjusted touch targets (e.g., buttons, links) to be easily clickable on mobile devices.

    4Image Optimisation and Video Compression for SEO 📹🖼️

    Objective: Optimise all website images and compress video content to increase page load speed and enhance SEO rankings.

    Actions Taken:

    • Compressed image file sizes without losing visual quality.
    • Used appropriate alt tags for all images incorporating strategic keywords related to the business and its various services.
    • Implemented advanced video compression techniques to reduce file sizes significantly while maintaining high quality.

    5Image Gallery with Previous Works 🏞️

    Objective: Showcase the quality and breadth of the company's projects through a well-organised image gallery.

    Actions Taken:

    • Created a visually appealing and interactive gallery layout.
    • Incorporated before-and-after shots of key projects, with high-quality images optimized for quick loading.
    6Domain Transfer 🌍

    Objective: Migrate the existing website domain to a new, more robust hosting platform without impacting live site availability.

    Actions Taken:

    • Planned the migration meticulously to ensure all data was backed up securely.
    • Executed the transfer during low-traffic hours to minimize potential disruptions. .

    Home page and about us page Before and After

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